June 5th, 2011

SNCross: A3

[SNCBB-FIC] Aiding and Abetting; PG-13

Title: Aiding and Abetting
Author(s): phate_phoenix
Artist: switch842
Crossover: White Collar
Type: (Gen, Het, or Slash) Slash
Word Count: 33,135
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Neal, Castiel/Dean, Sam, Peter, El, Mozzie
Contains: Blood, Mentions of spousal abuse (none of the main or minor characters), Polyamory
Spoilers: Up to Appointment in Samarra (6x11) for Supernatural and Point Blank (2x09) from White Collar. It's AU from there.
Summary: The Winchesters are forces of change, often for the worse, and Neal Caffrey knows this better than most. Still, when Sam and Dean show up in his home twenty years after Neal fakes his death to get out of the hunting life, he can’t turn them away. Not even when their latest hunt puts him directly at odds with Peter and the rest of the FBI. Because, sometimes, change can be good.
Author’s Notes: Written for the sncross_bigbang. I want to thank switch842 for being both my artist and my beta. You have been an amazing help and a great person to work with. I also want to thank my flist for putting up with my grumblings as I plotted along. Thank you!

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