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I don't think Sam plays well with others, Dean.

Title - I don 't think Sam plays well with others, Dean
Word Count - 2500
Rating - NC17
Pairing - Dean Winchester/Neal Caffrey/Sam Winchester (SPN/White Collar Crossover Fic)
Summary - Neal decides to stay with Dean after realising that the Winchesters are not the crazed Satanists they are made out to be, Dean pretends to Peter that they have kidnapped Neal so that the FBI will leave them alone. Sam turns up and Neal has to seduce him too.
Warnings - language, boysex, threesome, fellatio, rimming, I feel like I should also warn for a SLIGHT LACK OF WINCEST
A/N - follows on from Part 1 & part 2
A/N 2 - the main pairing here is still Dean/Neal
Once again thank you to mysticwaters  for the read over/beta
Comments are love people.

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Tags: fanfiction
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