Brilliance of the Moon (longbca) wrote in dealtwice,
Brilliance of the Moon

These are just recommendations- I have not written them.

Title: Of Bored Hunters and Forgers
Author: Lover of Angelus
Summary: He was tall and lean; you could just see the muscle that hidden and yet accentuated by the hideously cheap suit.
Rating: K
Read Here

Title: The Captain, the Hunter, and the ConArtist
Author: Jadzia Saxon
Crossover with White Collar/Supernatural/Torchwood. It's Neal/Dean/Jack. 
Rating: M
Read Here

Title: Voyeurism Leads to Good Things
Author: Jadzia Saxon
Summary: Sequel to The Captain, the Hunter, and the ConArtist.
Rating: M
Read Here 

Tags: fanfiction
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